How can I see your prices?

All you need to do is click on the sign up link on the top of the website.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, we do. Just email us with your requirements and we'll give you a shipping quote.

I'm looking for a specific item that you don't seem to do, can you source it?

Quite possibly. We've got a lot of contacts, and will do our best to help find the products that you need. Email us with the products needed and we'll do our best to source them.

Do you import any of your items? Are they all genuine?

No we do not import. All items are from UK suppliers and are all official licensed merchandise. All carry original tags and marks necessary to indicate a genuine product and not a copy. Please don't support purchasing fakes/copies, because this damages the real brands who own the actual licenses.

I've bought some items and could do with the images for my website, can you send me these?

Yes, of course. Just let us know which images you require and we'll send them to you, or you can simply copy them from our website.

Do your prices include VAT?

All items on the website exclude VAT. If you are in Europe and have a valid VAT number, then you do not need to pay VAT. Equally if you are outside of the EU, you will not pay VAT.

What's the minimum spend?

Our minimum spend is currently £500 + VAT.

I've sent an email but haven't had a response/I've left and answer phone message and haven't had a call back?

Whilst we do everything we can to reply to emails, and phone calls, please be aware that we receive hundreds of enquiries every week. We do our best to work through them, and sometimes it may take time for us to get back in touch. If we have already answered your question in these FAQ's then it's unlikely you will receive a response.

How long do items take to arrive?

Orders generally take around 5 working days to organise, and then they are dispatched. UK deliveries once we are ready to dispatch take 1-2 days, Europe 2-4 days, and outside of Europe 3-5 days (approximate delivery time-scales).  All orders are different, and we might advise on faster or slower time-scales.

I need to buy 3 items of one product, but the minimum order quantity is 6. Can I just buy 3?

All the products on the website show the minimum order quantities they must be bought in, and this is the minimum pack size. We cannot go below this, so if the minimum is 6, then you will need to purchase 6.

Do you offer a dropshipping service?

Sorry, this is something we are unable to offer

Do you have a catalogue of your products with prices?

Stock changes all the time, so we haven't got a physical catalogue we can send out. Our website is our catalogue, and we try to keep this updated as much as possible.

Can I pre-sell your items?

We advise not to do this, as we cannot guarantee the availability of any items.

Can I visit your warehouse?

At present, we are based solely online, and we do not have premises that customers can visit.


We are just an email away; please feel free to contact us, and we'll do our best to help!